1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 383 4 Speed Convertible

This just in ! 

Another 1970 Challenger R/T This one is a triple blue 383 4speed convertible !
 It has dark B7 blue exterior, B5 blue interior and an ultra rare V6B blue longitudinal stripe.

Bit of a basket case project, but that's just how I like them....

Off to Kelso Blasting & Restoration for a proper stripping of the paint and rust.

NOW you can really see where all the rust is hiding !

While waiting for Keith Sim Metalcraft to get started on the rust repair....I better get going on the components !
Love that blue interior !

With The car now in the skillful hands of Keith Sim, all that rust will disappear and new sheet metal will takes it's place.

Moving right along...

With the metal work complete, the seam sealer and sound deadener in place, it's off to the boys at Waterdown Collision to work their magic. 

Components are getting done as is the body work. Won't be long now until we see that beautiful B7 blue !

The first coats of B7 blue are now one, getting the extra step of block sanding between coats. Won't be long now !

All done ............Now the fun begins !

Moving right along, starting with both sides of the firewall, then onto the exterior trim.

Love that blue interior...

With most of the reassembly done, it's off to Scott Davis to have the new convertible top installed while I wait for the rebuilt 383 to arrive.                                                                                                                                With the engine assembled on the K Frame it's time to slip it under, hook everything up and move on to that awesome B5 Blue interior !

All done !