Well here we go again, another FC7 In-violet Purple car !

This time I purchased someone else's abandoned project again. A 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda. This is a numbers matching 340 SIX PACK automatic car finished in purple with white interior, black vinyl roof and the very rare rear window louver option. As you can see all the important parts are there and the numbers all match. Only thing missing is the original broadcast sheet.

The car itself is not all that bad with just the typical E Body rust. Trunk floors, extensions, lower 1/4's etc...Also because it's a vinyl roof car, there's lots of rust around the windows.

The shell has been blasted and primed by Eramosa Autobody and is now in storage waiting for it's turn at Keith Sim's metal shop.
While the shell awaits it's turn for the rust repair, there is no time like the present to start restoring some of the smaller items.

You can never be "too ready".
Got the original "390" rims looking as good as new! Also was able to restore the original 2pc Kelsey-Hayes rotors and had the calipers rebuilt as well. Check out the ultra rare "Fast Ratio" pitman arm....nice...
I was able to tackle even more of the small parts this week...

Buying a car in a million pieces can spell trouble, but in this unique case I was happy to find a lot of the rare hard to find parts still with the car. The 340 Six Pack kick down linkage, and column lock rod assembly all there and complete. 
The original "390" rims look better then ever mounted to the brand new reproduction GoodYear PolyGlas GT tires. Of course E60's up front and G60's out back just like the factory did. 
Lots of parts getting done now. You can just imagine how fast this car will re-assemble. The guys at DICK'S TRANSMISSION did an awesome job rebuilding the number matching heavy-duty 727 tranny...I know it will shift as good as it looks !
Check out the original T/A steering box and fast ratio arm, as good as new. 
Bumpers re-chromed and pre-assembled. Nothing like being prepared!
Well November is here and I moved the shell over to Keith Sim at Metalwork's. He will remove all the rusted panels and install the nice new AMD sheet metal. 
New panels fit like a glove ! 
While the metal work is being finished I received the freshly rebuilt original numbers matching motor back from Head & Block Specialities in Stoney Creek ON.
Once the rest of the engine is assembled it's time for a fresh coat of paint ! Then I can bolt on all that jewelry to finish off this little gem !
Keith has now finished all the metal work, so it's time to prep the car for Waterdown Collision to do their magic !
All seam-sealed up and is now at Waterdown Collision waiting it's turn for it's return to glory !
Starting to see some progress at the body shop, won't be long now!
Car's in high build waiting for final blocking. I can see that purple paint already !
The bottom of the car has been painted with the factory appearing "gray dip" paint and of course the body colour overspray coming in for the sides.
The body has received some of the first base coats of purple as well. Won't be long now !
With the car back from the paint shop, it's now time to start the reassembly. Waterdown Collision out did themselfs this time, expertly laying down the organisol !
Coming together nicely. Great to see that bring orange engine against that beautiful purple engine bay !
Scott Davis worked his magic on the vinyl top and that blinding white headliner !
With the assembly just about finished, soon it will be time to fire this beast up for the first time in 30 plus years!