This late 70's custom 340 Cuda is reading only 27K on the odometer  Original Canadian car from Quebec.

She looks pretty funky now but check out the original fender tag on this car...

FJ6 Sassy Grass Green
White interior
Black 340 billboard
Rear Spoiler
Road Lamps
Power Steering
Power disc brakes

All options are documented with an original broadcast sheet as well. Numbers matching transmission.

The restoration has started on this Cuda. A lot of new parts have already been purchased, and all that fiberglass is coming off. More pictures soon.

With all the fiberglass and bondo removed, the shell is now at ERAMOSA AUTOBODY for blasting and epoxy prime. These guys do an excellent job, but I hope they leave me something to work with...LoL

Back from ERAMOSA AUTOBODY , looks pretty good. Will need a trunk floor and lower quarter panel work and the usual E Body rust around the windows and hood hinges etc...

After a quick trip to Keith Sim's shop here in Georgetown to get all the metal work done, it was back here for me to prep for Waterdown Collision

I take care of all the seam sealer and sound deadner in the trunk and make sure any weld seams are fully dressed.

I expect it will be at the body shop for a while so it gives me time to get cracking on all the components!

Can't wait for all that Sassy Grass !

1971 Plymouth Cuda 340 Automatic
Front suspension is complete and ready to bolt in. Other components to follow.

The guys at Waterdown Collision have been hard at work. This has been one of the straightest cars I've brought them.

Check out the incredible wrinkle finish powder coat applied by Fireball Coatings !

Waterdown Collision is moving right along. The first coat of Sassy Grass went on today. Should be finished by the 1st of April !

April 3rd 2012, back from Waterdown Collision. The guys out did themselves this time. The paint and body work is flawless!
Re-assembly scheduled to start in mid-May.

Thanks to the Oake family at Carburetor Rebuilders Co. Ltd in Toronto ON, for their great looking restoration work on the correct date coded, part numbered Carter Thermoquad! Work of art !

This car turned out to be so clean underneath that you can still see all the factory paint daubs on the 3:23 sure grip! Nice...

Figure it's time to start re-assembly on this fish !

That's a lot of green.....

The best part of any restoration is bolting on on the nice new restored parts. :)

This car is coming together rather nicely and will be available for purchase soon !

Got the new AMD glass installed, very nice product. Also most of the exterior trim is on and that sparkling new white headliner is in. Can't wait to see the rest of the white interior installed.

Got the rear axle assembly completly finished and installed, plus those extra cool PolyGlas tires....

Here's the correctly dated 1971 340 warranty block. You can tell by the blank VIN pad. The future owner can decide whether or not to get it stamped...I don't get involved in that kind of stuff.

The motor is complete now and ready to sit upon the K frame. It's best to put as much stuff on before it goes in...

Matching number VIN on the transmission is documented. Once everything is assembled on the floor, it's just a matter of rolling it under the car and bolting it up !

With the dash assembly finished and installed and the steering column, it won't be long now !

Got the interior finished up today with the exception of the heater box. Still waiting on the restored blower motor.

Also started to put the bill boards on today, but only got one side finished. Looks very cool.

All Done !