U p next....A very rare 1970 AAR Cuda. This is a completely original number's matching documented 340+6 automatic car believed to be sold new in the Windsor ON area.

Check out the option list FF4 green paint with the ultra rare bench seat column shift in matching green vinyl....What a sight that must have been when new.

First step was tp get the car disassembled, then clean out. Remove all that 52 year old seam sealer and under coat to prep it for media blasting.

The car actually looks pretty solid for an original Canadian car, it must have been off the road for a long time.

Fishburn & Proctor in Rockwood ON will be handling the media blasting, then it's off to the crew at Saunder's Customs.

​Well, after it's date with the media....there's nothing left to hide.

It's actually pretty solid in the floors and frames with the typical quarter panel rust found on most Canadian cars...Those first couple of years driving it all Winter, were never too kind.

No worries though, the crew at Saunder's Customs will have all those rust issues fixed in a jiffy !  Step one: cut out 

Step one: Cut out all that ugly rust....Step two, fabricate and weld in new sheet metal saving all the correct details ! Off to a great start....

That's it for the front end....All the rust gone and solid new metal taking its place...

Moving on...

One quick trip to Techno-Strip in Brampton ON and the body panels are spotless clean, saving hours of manual stripping and no damage to the panel...Can't beat that !

Moving on to the rear of the car, there are lots of small areas that require attention. This is where the mad skills of the metal man at Saunders Customs comes into play. Once the areas are repaired, it's hard to tell there was ever rust there. Awesome job ! !

Moving right along. The deeper you go, the more rust you find. 

So the team at Saunder's Customs has finally come to the finish line as far as chasing rust goes. All the metal work is now complete, body panels fit like a glove, now comes the body work and soon the paint work will commence. Can't wait !

The dust has started to fly. This car is on the road to perfection!

The crew at Saunder's Customs have made excellent progress with the body work, then it's time for a thorough coat of epoxy primer followed by a top coat of high build primer.

Up next will be re-assembly of the body again, and then the blocking can begin.

Won't be long now..... 

Show me the GREEN.....

The painter at Saunders Customs is showing off his incredible talent once again by expertly duplicating the factory gray dip overspray factory style paint job on the bottom of the car.

The interior and jambs look so nice it seems a shame to cover them with an interior !

With the body reassembled, a final blocking and a fresh coat of FF4 Lime Green Metallic paint, it looks stunning.

Add the organisol black-out, polish the clear coat to perfection and Saunder's Customs has done it once again. 

A quick trip back to my shop for some re-assembly time. Having all the components restored and ready to go is key to a fast and efficient re-assembly process...

Just keep plugging away, and before you know it.......

....you're ALL DONE !!!