1970 Dodge Challenger 440 4spd SUNROOF
This just in ! Another 1970 Challenger R/T Sunroof car! This one is FF4 green
with a 440 four speed...

With the car completely disassembled, it doesn't look all the bad. However, as we know...the truth doesn't come out until after it's been media blasted. Next step is to scrape of the old undercoat, then off to Kelso Blasting and Restoration.

No real surprises after blasting. Some pin holes through out and the passenger side quarter has some rust and old repairs. It will be awhile before Keith can get to it, so I'm going to work on the components.

It's nice working with that beautiful green interior for a change. This is the first car I've restored in 32 years with green interior !

Took the original fenders and doors into Techno-Strip for chemical dipping. Turns out they are in real decent shape for being 47 years old !

Expert metalman Keith Sim is on the job again removing all the rusted panels. AMD supplies perfect replacement. 

Components underway, Scott Davis did a great job on those houndstooth green seats.

Body is now pre-assembled and ready to go to the body shop !  

The guys at Waterdown Collision are moving right along, won't be long now.

Well lookie lookie ..This FF4 green looks absolutely stunning...Waterdown knocked this one out of the park. I can't wait to get going on the reassembly of this rare sunroof car.

Time to start the reassembly. Up first the bullet proof 4:10 Dana 60 rear axle assembly !

Both sides of the firewall finished, engine installed and finished. Move on to the trunk, complete with a full size spare and a beautiful reproduction of the 1970 bumper jack.

Check out the rare V1F green vinyl top custom made by SMS and of course expertly installed by Scott Davis. Car also has green interior.

To finish off the GREEN theme...V6F Ledger green RT stripes...Looks amazing !