1971 Plymouth 383 4spd Cuda Convertible
This just in ! 
A fully documented, numbers matching one of thirty-three 1971 383 4spd convertibles.

She may look sweet now, but wait until I do a full ground up restoration, she'll be better than new !

The first step is to dismantle the car 100% and get it ready for media blasting. Scrape off that 40 year old undercoat and you'll really find where the rust likes to hide.

This car is pretty darn solid !

Just back from Kelso Blasting & Restoration. As you can see they did a wonderful job of stripping off that old paint. Just as I thought....no major rust issues, but lots of little ones through-out.

While Keith Sim is busy repairing all the rust with expertly hand fabricated patches saving as much of the original panels as possible....I put Techno-Strip to work stripping the cleanest original Mopar panels I've seen in my 32 years of restoring Mopars...These things are sweet....

Keith has moved on to the rear of the car. That AMD sheet metal sure makes the job a lot easier !

Metal work is all done, time for the sound deadener and seam sealer, then off to the body shop.

The body work has begun !

Working on components while the body and paint work is taking place.

With the car back from Waterdown Collision, looking great of course, it's time to start putting it back together !

Moving right along !

As always, Scott Davis has done a wonderful job of recovering the factory leather seats. Had him back to install the date coded windshield too !

Won't be long now....

ALL DONE...Looking sweet !