1971 Challenger R/T 392HEMI Restomod 
This Challenger is in for one heck of a transformation. Born an original 318 automatic car out of California...

It's going to receive the full RestoMod treatment, including coil over suspension and a brand new crate 392HEMI  !

Step One: Strip car completely apart to see what you really have ! This sucker looks pretty darn solid !

Before media blasting the shell I decided to weld up some of the holes we won't be using. There's 60 less holes in the engine compartment now. Gotta make room for that five speed transmission as well !

Now the labour intensive job of scrapping all the undercoat off...ugh !

While the car is off getting blasted, new parts are coming in everyday. Nice crate 392 along with the five speed transmission kit, even custom seats...sweet.

Techno-Strip in Brampton ON made quick work of cleaning the doors, while Kelso Blasting in Milton ON got rid of 50 years worth of rust and old paint.

Got some real solid bones here to work with.

Next step will be to seal every thing off with a nice coat of epoxy primer .

Bill and his team at Neil's Autobody 
made quick work of applying generous coats of black epoxy primer.

Now it's time to start the "mock-up". 

When building a modified car, it's important to mock-up everything, drill all your holes, weld all your brackets in place etc... Here I've got the battery in the trunk, the fuel regulator, hoses in place. Mounted the electronic emergency brake as well.

Now's a good time to squeeze in the restoration of more components as well...The grill turned out beautiful.

Steering column restored with new "Tuff Grip" steering wheel, custom made dash light bar with no lights and of course a beautiful Shaker bubble from Tommy The Chryco !

The Vintage air system with custom mounting so that I could run the heater hoses and control valve in the upper cowl. The AC hoses and hard lines are also custom made to run inside the wheel well.
All the wiring will be incorporated into the factory harnesses .

New rear spoiler mocked up.
The new Altercation front and rear suspension has arrive from REILY MOTOR SPORTS.....Very cool stuff !
Rear is a four link with adjustable coil over shocks....

With the RMS K Frame up front, installing the new Crate Hemi and 5spd transmission was a breeze. 
Finishing the mock-up stage with all the hoses fabricated, clearances checked, time to fit all the body panels as well !

In order to mount the 70-71 Shaker to the new 392 I had to fabricate the new mounting structure which is secured directly to the motor. I started with a factory shaker bracket from Mopar. The results look great !

The crew at Saunders Customs are moving right along getting this thing back in shape. Some minor rust repair in the lower rear quarters and flatten out some dents, and it will be ready for a fresh coat of black paint. Can't wait...

Body work finished, another coat of epoxy prime to seal everything up
...followed by a generous coat of "high build" primer. 
Now comes countless hours of block sanding to get it arrow straight ! 

In the mean time....The engine assembly, rear axle, dash, seats, etc... are already for installation . Check out the neat modern touches like front and rear USB charging ports. 

Looking pretty awesome wearing black robes...Won't be long now, a little more polishing and it will be ready for re-assembly !

Up first is a nice solid coat of Raptor Bed Liner to the entire underside, then the fun of putting the shiny stuff on can begin.

The entire inside of the car was treated to a layer of Dyna-mat as well for a super quiet cockpit !

The front seats are custom units from Cipher, while the backseat was custom upholstered by my interior guy Scott Davis ! 

With most of the assembly finished, it's now off to the Auto Clinic so Mike and the gang can sort out all the mechanicals, front end alignment, charge the AC and we will be ready to Rock & Roll !

All done and on it's way to it's new home in Winnipeg Manitoba to another happy customer :)