1971 Challenger R/T 392HEMI Restomod 
This Challenger is in for one heck of a transformation. Born an original 318 automatic car out of California...

It's going to receive the full RestoMod treatment, including coil over suspension and a brand new crate 392HEMI  !

Step One: Strip car completely apart to see what you really have ! This sucker looks pretty darn solid !

Before media blasting the shell I decided to weld up some of the holes we won't be using. There's 60 less holes in the engine compartment now. Gotta make room for that five speed transmission as well !

Now the labour intensive job of scrapping all the undercoat off...ugh !

While the car is off getting blasted, new parts are coming in everyday. Nice crate 392 along with the five speed transmission kit, even custom seats...sweet.

Techno-Strip in Brampton ON made quick work of cleaning the doors, while Kelso Blasting in Milton ON got rid of 50 years worth of rust and old paint.

Got some real solid bones here to work with.

Next step will be to seal every thing off with a nice coat of epoxy primer .