Dodge Challenger R/T, 440 SixPack, 727, A32 4.10, N96-Shaker, B5-exterior, black-interior, console/buckets/am-radio, believed 37,726 miles.
Vehicle painted two years ago - w/attention to OEM standards. Bottom rotisserie and dip-tank grey. Parts replaced are either NOS or OEM(restored).
All stainless polished, bumpers re-chromed, aluminum re-anondized etc..
Paint/body work and related by Mike Mancini @ American Muscle Car Restorations in RI. 
Very original -99% of interior/exterior/engine compartment and drive train. Engine missing VIN stamp (side-pad), top pad and casting #/date correct. sixpack components (internal/external) are all present transmission original (has-vin), dana dated /pt# correct. all items in engine-compartment part#/date correct.
VIN stamping on cowl and core-support present. Original dash VIN plate. Original DVR door VIN sticker. Fender tag and broadcast sheet present/included, decoded by Galen Govier (listed in registry). can provide a copy if requested.
Also listed in Hamtramck registry. two sets of the original keys, the owners manual, broadcast sheet and the fender tag for documentation.
Car is a 9 of 10
Vehicle is sold