1973 PLYMOUTH SCAMP 318 auto.
This just in....An all original 318 Automatic 1973 Plymouth Scamp. This car looks nice as is, but the new owner would like to fix some minor rust issues and repaint the whole car.
I got the nod to dismantle the body and get it ready for the body shop. After a fresh coat of B5 blue, I'll get the honor of bolting it all back together.
Started stripping apart this beautiful California car today. Evidence of a prior accident were evident on the passenger side. "bondo worms" in the corner of the lower rear valance. Under the vinyl top didn't look too bad with no sign of rust-through. 
Little bit of hunting today...BROADCAST SHEET hunting.
Found the first one under the center of the front seat, very deteriorated, found number two under the lower back seat, nice shape, but the wrong VIN....Finally found a perfect original VIN matching one under the top of the back seat !

Found some surface rust only on the rear passenger side floor, the rest of the floor is nice blue paint...
The surface rust in the passenger rear foot well turned out to have several pin holes hiding.

Minor rust found on the rear quarter panel lower sections and some previous bondo worms found.

This is a good example of why I like to remove the glass when restoring or even repainting such as in this case...Found lots of rust around the rear window and some small holes as well.
This week I sent the car over to Keith Sim to work his metal magic. Only took him a day or so to remove all the rust and make those "invisable" steel patches that he so famous for.

Car is now at a body shop in the Toronto area to get a fresh coat of B5 Blue !
The gentlemen at Michelangelo's Autobody in Toronto did an outstanding job applying the beautiful B5 blue paint on an arrow straight body....FANTASTIC !
Back from the body shop !
No time to even take it off the trailer....LoL