1970 PLYMOUTH Barracuda 340 4spd
This just in ! A life long dream for it's owner....to restore fully the car he actually drove around in High School.

This time it might be a little nicer!

Now with the car disassembled and placed on a cart, I was able to scrape off all that 47 year old factory undercoating....What a job !

Now Kelso Blasting & Restoration will take care of the media blasting to reveal ALL the rust issues, nothing left to hide.

Well, as expected, the guys at Kelso did a great job, the car is all clean....what's left of it anyways !

Now we just order all the new AMD sheet metal and the car waits it's turn for Keith Sim Metalcraft.

Time to start the components. Stephan Fournier worked his magic on the latches of course.

Keith Sim is now all set up in his new shop in Gorrie Ontario. What better way to christen a new shop then with a rusty Mopar ! 

Metal work is well underway, with attention to the front frame rails first....no more rust !

Keith has found rust hiding in the strangest of places, but with a little fabrication It was be better than new !

Coming along nicely, and with all that new AMD sheet metal it will be better than new condition once Keith is finished with it !

With all the metal work finished, it's off to the body shop to get a fresh coat of FC7 Plum Crazy purple! With the high quality of the new AMD panels, Bill and the gang at Neil's Autobody make quick work of straightening the body to perfection.

While they work on the body, I'll get the motor ready with all the correct details...

Looks like things at Neil's Autobody are moving along quite nicely....

...and now the fun part. Reassembly time....this thing is coming together nicely.