1971 Dodge Challenger R/T 440+6 4spd
This Challenger is truly a family affair. Past down once already from a Father to a son, it's being restored now with the owner's two young sons in mind.

Being built the way any young boy would want.
A 1971 Challenger R/T, 440 SIX PACK, four speed in mind bending Plum Crazy purple with black accents....
This is going to be an awesome build !

Off to a great start, the car is practically rust free ! 

Next, media blasting will find any secrets...

The crew at Kelso Blasting & Restoration in Milton ON did a fantastic job of cleaning off the 49 year old paint to reveal remarkably clean and solid original metal !

One tiny hole in the rear window channel, that's it..... Unbelievable !

Small parts will need media blasting as well !

Neil's Autobody did an excellent job of covering the entire shell with a good solid coat of epoxy primer !