1970 PLYMOUTH AAR Cuda 340 4spd

This AAR Cuda came to me still in the hands of the original owner for a full ground-up restoration. This 43K car is pretty clean without the typical Canadian rust you find. Should be smooth sailing...

As the car comes apart, the only rust I've found so far is around the rear window. The floor pans are super clean.  

Lots of interesting details on this mostly original car including being an original "Rock" car !

The car completely disassembled, ready for blasting in the Spring. 

The crew at Kelso Blasting in Milton ON did a great job of blasting the shell. It's incredible how rust free this car is.

With the shell media blasted, the rest of the panels are sent to Techno-Strip in Brampton ON for chemical dipping. Everything is super clean, it's off to Neil'S Autobody for the body and paint work.

Other then fixing some shoddy 1970's repair on the one fender and header panel, the guys at Neil's had a pretty easy go with this car!

Now come some fresh coats of that beautiful FF4 green paint followed by a cut and polish and that aggressive black organisol paint on the hood.

Reassembly comes next, can't wait!

Carbs restored by Scott Smith Harms are super nice! Assembly comes easy when everything is pre-restored and organized. 
Installing the complete engine from the bottom is the only way to go ! 

All done !