1969 DODGE DART 340 4SPD
This 69 Dart 340 4spd also came from Western Canada. It spent it's whole life being run on Propane !
This car was featured at the 2010 All Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle PA. in the "Barn Find" display.
Watch for this car at Carlisle this coming Summer fully restored, and on display in Building "T".

Currently the body is at HOFFMANS RESTORATION getting the metal work and paint done. Watch for a full reassembly sometime in April 2011.
We have seven weeks before this Dart's big debut in Building "T" at the Chrysler's at Carlisle show. So without paint on the car yet, I thought I'd better get cracking on everything else...
As you can see this puppy is not stock...Built by Beatty & Woods this little small block is armed for any fight !
OK...Let's get started ! The shell has arrived back from Hoffmans restoration on June 8th. That gives me 4 weeks to have it up and running for it's debut in Building "T" at Carlisle this Summer.

The first step will be cleaning up the underside with a nice fresh coat of black undercoating!
Good day today, got the dash assembly installed and everything behind it.
Also got the rear axle assembly and engine assembly in.
Won't be long now...
Almost done. Took it for a short drive, pulls strong. Kinda windy without a windshield...
Car's going out to be polished and should return in a few days so I can button up the exterior trim...
OK, it's all done !

Turned out to be one heck of a nice ride.