This is an original 383 4spd Super Bee finished in FE5 red with the cool N96 RAMCHARGER hood option.
I just started the components of this car. It came to me with all the metal work done and I hope to get it into the paint shop soon. Once there, I'll continue on the small stuff and purchase the reproduction parts needed for the complete reassembly scheduled for the Spring of 2012.
Ok...The body of the car has now arrived at my shop. As you can see the metal work is already done and this thing is now 100% rust free !

My job now is to prep it before it goes to the paint shop. I'll drill any and all necessary holes, seam seal it and apply the sound deadener to the insides of the 1/4 panels.

Some time in early September it will be off to Waterdown Collision for some expert body work and a fresh coat of gleaming FE5 Bright Red paint.
Look for it to get back in the Spring of 2012 !
While waiting for the car to come here, I've got started on some of the components. Rear axle assembly, pedal assemblies...Now is the time to get this stuff restored so re-assembly will be a breeze!
Now with the doors blasted the last little bit of rust shows up in the form of pin holes.

Nothing a little mig welding won't fix.

Car is ready for the body shop now !
Got her loaded up and off to the body shop. Waterdown Collision is going to handle the chore of getting her straight as an arrow and apply that gleaming FE5 red paint. Can't wait !
WoW..The boys at Waterdown Collision are hard at work. Here we are at the beginning of November and the body work is finished. The car needs to be blocked out several times before the shiny stuff goes on, but man she's looking good!
Well here goes the first coats of red. The car will be block sanded one more time after assembly and one more colour coat plus the clear....
Just in time for Santa !

Here we are...January 3rd 2012 and I'm looking at a beautiful freshly painted shell. The boys at WATERDOWN COLLISION out did themselves.

Unfortunately this car has to go in storage until I can start the re-assembly in the Spring to be on the road in time for Summer cruising!
Here we are now...
...March already
Thought I'd better get back on this Bee if we want to be on the road this Summer. I'm limited to the things I can assemble right now as I'm still waiting for the correct 383 motor!

All those new parts sure look nice on that fresh paint !

Moving right along... With the help of Scott Davis, I now have the headliner, front and rear glass installed...the man is a true genius with that stuff!
Outside for some fresh air ! So now it's off to storage until we get the rest of the components to finish this bad boy in time for Summer cruising!
Owner has finally required a correctly date coded 383 after some time searching....I'm going to do a cosmetic restoration to the motor and hopefully get this car back on it's wheels soon !
Even with all the parts not being 100% factory correct, it's nice the give the engine the "correct appearing" details through-out....

Next is to set it up on the K Frame and bolt up that 4 spd box !
This is the best way to do it. Assemble everything on the K Frame, then just slide it under the car...Smell that rubber burn !
Doesn't take long to install the drivetrain when everything is pre-assembled. Ready to roll in no time...
With the wheel wells cleanly undercoated, it was time to mount the beefy BF Goodrich's mounted on beautiful chrome 15 X 7's....sweet !
Chassis done, engine compartment done, it's time to button up the interior and finish this puppy !
Interior done ! Stripe on....Won't be long now !
All done !