This is an original V code 1970 Road Runner. Original Western Canada car, it will go under a full ground up restoration.
Currently the car is having metal work, body and paint preformed at a shop of the owner's choice.
In the mean time I will be doing all the components and await the shell for reassembly.
Look for this car to be finished in 2014.
1970 440+6 Plymouth Road Runner
The owner of this Runner has chosen a couple of real reputable guys who seem to be doing a great job. It's a slow process, but the owner is in no hurry. The new AMD panels are now welded in place and look nice !
Next up will be stripping the rest of the shell and epoxy prime.
This car has some of the worst looking interior components I've seen, however that just makes it more challenging for me ... I love it !

While the car awaits it's new paint job, the owner has decided to get cracking on the small stuff. Should keep me busy this Fall.
For this Winter I thought I would start with the dash restoration. To get rid of all the rust, I sent it to Techno-Strip in Brampton Ontario. What a great job those guys do. The frame looks like new !
Okay, I got the nod to go ahead and get this car into a fresh new B7 Blue wardrobe !

First up is to send it off to Eramosa Autobody for some sandblasting and priming !
First Step complete ! Car is now properly stripped of all it nuts and bolts, placed on a more conventional cart and it's off to Eramosa Autobody for blasting and prime !
Back from the blasters. The only rust we found was at the bottom of the door posts...an easy fix.
Well, it's off to Waterdown Collision for a new coat of that beautiful B7 blue...
All the seam sealer is done, sound deadener in the trunk.

Hope to get it back before the snow flies....
Waterdown Collision has started doing what they do best, hope to see some paint before the end of the year !
They started with filling the butchered antenna hole (car is a radio delete car) and finishing the rear window corners which were over looked by the previous shop.
Getting ready for the first round of block sanding....
In the booth now, should be BLUE by New Years !
First coat of B7 blue is on, and it looks BEAUTIFUL!
Back home now, paint job looks amazing, Waterdown Collision has out done themselves again.

Unfortunately, this beauty is off to storage until the owner gives me the go ahead to get moving.
Need to do most of the components yet and rebuild the drive train. 
The owner still hasn't seen his freshly painted car, so I thought I'd set up a little tease for him.

I took my wheels that I have for sale and propped them up to see what they would look like.

I love the look ! 
While the body is in storage, it's time to work on some of the components ! 
Original heater box was a mess, but I guess it was a nice cozy home for somebody ! 
Every Canadian car needs a rear window defroster ! 
Taxi cab steering wheel! 
Moving on to the dash... 

Rear axle rebuilt and detail as well as the transmission. Just about ready to start re-assembly of the whole car.

Back on it's own wheels after many many years....but that's all for now, the rest will have to wait until next year !

Time to finish this car once and for all !

All done....