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Message from new owner:
It's hard to buy a car from the other side of the world, especially if you do not intend to see the car yourself.
Since I'm a member of many American car clubs, and club members in the US almost always can help with an inspection of a car that you intend to purchase.
But it was more difficult in Canada to find someone to do it.
But finally I found one that could do it for me, he contacted Alan by phone, after the call, he called me up and said he did not need to go out and look at the car.
He conveyed to me that what Alan has renovated will hold a high level, and that he has knowledge of how these Mopar should be, and that I can trust Alan.
And finally he said to me `` I leave it to you to negotiate the price with Alan.
Finally, I agreed on a reasonable price with Alan.
And when the car finally came to Kiruna, the car was as I expected. I can recommend others who will buy here in Europe that Alan is to be trusted.

Tomas Turovaara Kiruna Sweden