1970 Plymouth 440+6 4spd Cuda
This just in ! 

A beautiful TX9 Black 440 Six Barrel Cuda.

Sometimes it seems a shame to take such a nice car all apart, but just wait until you see what we find. Always rust lurking somewhere.

The fun part is dismantling the car....the scraping of the 47 year old factory undercoating...not so fun.

Once all that old stuff is gone, the car is ready to go to the media blasters !

The crew at Boothill Automotive Resurrection handled the media blasting with great care, turned out great, only a few surprises like pinhole rust and some previous patch work.

The exterior body panels were sent to Techno-Strip in Brampton and came out looking fantastic. 

A peek of things to come...

The components are well underway with the dash assembly being finished, the big Dana 60 restored with the correct 10" brakes now.

The guys at Boothill Auto Resurrection have dug into the metal work get rid of that nasty rust, certainly not the worst car I've restored ! 
tion have dug in to get rid of that nasty rust !in to get rid of that nasty rust !

The guys at Head & Block Speciality have finished with the motor, so it's time for all the detailing and a fresh coat of paint...

Cam and Adam from Boothill Auto Resurrection are now doing the bodywork. Going to make it perfect before laying down that new black coat.

Lots of the components are being restored at the same time to insure a speedy re-assembly. 

Well under way now.....

Ready for final block and paint. The guys at Boothill are moving right along !

Special shout-out goes to Adam at Boothill Auto for laying down absolutely beautiful TX9 black paint and polishing it to perfection !

Now all that's left to do, is put it back together....the fun part !

Well that didn't take very long ! With Scott Davis doing a terrific job on the headliner and vinyl roof, the rest of the car was a breeze....Now back to it's owner for many more happy miles.

All DONE !!!!